Late post more exp

Hey all of you there let’s start….

So what i did and experienced in the last 3 days huh lot’s of work to done. Physics chemistry and maths humped up homework … Still busy in doing all that.

I am gonna share this little story today that i felt to be shared . So in today’s class my teacher asked how many students have really tried the problems he had given.. well i did so i raised my hand but many of my classmates didn’t, even my friend. My teacher said them all to go out of the class but you know what my friend did he simply copied my answer and remain sitted in class. And nothing happened…

So you all are thinking what’s the logic of telling you all this but i deeply felt disturbed because he didn’t realised his mistake rather he thinks it’s not a mistake at all. This is nothing to do with engineering but i feel it needed to be shared because i don’t want this type of thinking to continue and if you have it change it because that will help you grow. 

Moving on i got three days off and lots of study to be done… Next post will be coming after 3 days about how i managed to study in these three days or even studied or not.

And now i need some help from you guys please subscribe on my blog. Do comment what should i do ,ask question. Let’s make use of blogging system and grow up as a human . Thanks for listening… 

– give me a name 😉


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