The Beginning of my blog – openiit

Hey there all of you… I’m so happy that from today I’m gonna share all my experience to the world through my blog. My name….. doesn’t matter , you don’t have to know me just feel the presence and my feelings towards my life and everyday stories. 

That was all about my new start for the blog now let me tell you who and what I am . I’m not going to tell my details but I’ll tell you what type I am. 

So I am a 17 year old 12th grade passed out student trying to fight the society .. No not for social justice but the against the thinking of pressurizing childreb to go for IIT and NEET . I appeared in JEE Mains 2017 this year got qualified and couldn’t crack Advanced . I told my parents that I want to go to another engineering college because I don’t hunt IITs . I want to learn technology but they said if you want to do that do it from  IIT . 

So typical story i decided to take a drop for one year and now I’m preparing for it. My goals are pretty simple I’ll work hard crack JEE and enroll in a IIT . I don’t know that I’ll be able to make it to the end or not but I’m working hard . And the next goal is to clarify to the whole world that engineering in IIT is not heaven …. 

So my readers I don’t know you are there or not please be my companion in this journey as i will share my day to day experience from now to …… I don’t know it’s a long journey. Ill update my status in every 3 or 4 days from now. 

If you liked it give it a thumbs up or whatever you give cuz I’m new here if you disliked it comment and let me know what is wrong . Subscribe for more .

Yours ,

            Give me name 😎


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