3 days of self judgement

Hey friends as promised the 3 days off break is going to end in 3 hrs from now and let me share what i did in these three days.

First day :-

Woke up and started studying madly for first and then slowed down but i was determined that i will complete chemistry and physics today and the next 2 days would be maths. So i was moving on the right path till eve and then i went to gym. Returning from there i started playing game on my comp for relaxation and kept playing untik i realised it’s too late even then i didn’t study after that. I started watching anime dragon Ball super. So suming up my chemistry work was done but physics was still there.

Day 2 :-

I woke up and started watching anime and kept watching i wasted the whole day, slept in evening and played football, again watched anime and the day was over.

Day 3 :-

Woke up. Watched game of thrones and then i studied but less than first day. Went to play football came home and now I’m writing this…… 3 hrs left for the day to end ….


So in the end i failed my objective and still physics work is left. I don’t know whether i will be able to cover my backlogs in maths or not. Sorry friends i failed myself, failed you all but I will try that this should not happen again. I will try my best cause we need to fight for humanity and for the betterment of education system in India. Thanks for reading this.


I still have no name 😅


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